The Bundler

The Benefits of Packaging
Everyone has seen the Progressive commercials with Flo telling her customers about “the Bundler.” But what exactly is she talking about? She’s talking about packaging together multiple lines of insurance. This way, customers can acquire multi-policy discounts for packaging their home and auto insurance together.
By packaging home and auto insurance, customers receive a more customized policy to fit their needs. For example, New Jersey Skylands Insurance, offers Custompac. Those insured with Custompac receive broader coverage, less gaps in-between policies and overall discounts on their entire package. With Traveler’s insurance, when auto insurance and home insurance are packaged, customers save a minimum of 10% on each policy. With a package policy you get one bill. Not only this process more convenient, you also reduce the installment fees you are charged by the insurance company.
So why not put your car insurance and home insurance together to create one package policy? Hey, you can even package your umbrella and life insurance if you want to go to the extreme. You save both time and money, what could be more beneficial than that? So give your insurance agent a call and get your benefits today!

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