Get Snapshot and Save 30%

What is the easiest way to save 30% on auto insurance? Is it A) Ride a bike B) Reduce your insurance coverage limits to an unsafe level or C) Get Progressive Snapshot? The correct answer is C) Get Progressive Snapshot. But what is Snapshot exactly? It’s a usage based insurance program, which is modeled by way of an individual’s driving habits. Fret not, it’s here to save customers money, not monitor their whereabouts. Snapshot has no GPS system therefore cannot track location or speed. Snapshot only collects data on how hard you break, time of day you drive and your mileage in order to identify if you are qualified.

This program isn’t for everyone, however, those that do qualify are looking to save a lot of money.  But how does Snapshot gather this information? After signing up with a Progressive agent, customers will be delivered the Snapshot device after 7 to 10 business days. The device is plugged into the diagnostics port of the vehicle and stays there for 6 months, one policy term. After the first 30 days, users will be prompted with their initial discount of up to 30% on the rest of their policy period. After the 6 months are over, drivers will be asked to return the device.  Then they will be given their customized ratings discount. Worst-case scenario, a customer does not qualify for the discount, they needn’t worry. Insurance rates cannot go up from using the device.  


Snapshot is allowing customers to prove they are good drivers while giving them more customized rates based on monitored driving habits. It’s changing the face of the insurance industry. In the state of New Jersey, only Progressive offers this program. Snapshot is completely voluntary and anyone that qualifies is looking to save a great deal of money. No one is being tracked and no harm can come to those who try it. If you feel you qualify what are you waiting for? Great savings are right around the corner, call us today and sign up for Snapshot! 877.288.7169

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